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Now serving Northwest Arkansas!

Updated: Apr 11

I made it. I finally made it out of Buffalo, NY, and I'm set up in the amazing little idyllic city of Bentonville, Arkansas. After 2 months, I'm even able to compile a list of things I love about this part of the country:

  • Winter lasts about 2 months.

  • Mountain bike trails everywhere. Like, every-where.

  • Absolutely beautiful countryside (and it's not even fully green yet).

  • People are super nice here. I've had more conversations with strangers here in 2 months than with my neighbors in Buffalo over the past 15 years.

  • Car insurance is $650. cheaper per year than in Buffalo.

  • The DMV is the least irritating thing I've had to deal with here.

  • I can carry a pistol here merely because it's a constitutional right.

  • I can leave my truck unlocked overnight in my own driveway.

  • Sensible school zone speed limits, no scam cams, or $50. fines.

I think I'll stay a while :-)

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