What People Say

“Chris stands out with his can-do approach, accessibility, creativity and professionalism. Chris’s thoughtful approach to understanding the needs of his clients is what every organization should be looking for in a videographer, producer and creative consultant.“
Keith Hatswell – General Manager, Niagara Label Co., Inc.
“Chris is one of the finest cinematographers I've ever worked with on both coasts and Europe. He quickly senses what you are looking for in a shooting script. He's intuitive in capturing even the most significant detail –a tremendous aid in the editing process. Chris hit everything we hoped for.“
Al Klenk – Creative on the Edge Consultant
“The footage is amazing. Amazing.”

John Long – motion graphics artist
“Chris’ unflagging determination to get the lighting “just so” ensured a consistently stylish look to the entire film. Chris was cool and professional and always maintained command of the crew, the equipment, and the task at hand.”
Paul DeNigris – Writer, Producer, Director
“Because he’s also a photographer, he has expert framing; because he’s also an editor, he also knows when an additional angle is needed for cutting. It was great to have a monitor set up most of the time – it really made the cast and crew enthusiastic – but after one day of filming I knew I didn’t have to check anything unless he asked me to.”
“Throughout the course of filming, there wasn’t a single instance in which I told Chris I wanted a certain shot that he told me he couldn’t do.”
Gregory Lamberson – Writer, Producer, Director
“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Chris for almost ten years and there’s a number of reasons we keep calling him. He is supremely talented and can find a beautiful shot where you least expect it. I have complete faith that he will deliver above my expectations every single time. Complete creative trust is a rare thing in this business, and Chris has definitely earned mine.”
Frank Conjerti – Associate Creative Director, The Martin Group
“In a music business challenged by, well, a new music business, I find it refreshing to find someone of Chris’ talent and ability who is still willing to go the extra mile and use all of his resources and capabilities to help bring projects to their full potential, and all of this accomplished while dealing with my personal creative process, which is nothing short of chaos.”
Robby Takac – Goo Goo Dolls, Good Charamel Records, Music is Art
“Want to just say thanks to you and your incredible crew for a terrific shoot last Thursday. I had such a great time working with you. It was relaxed. Fun. And really productive.”
Richard Kaufman – Director, Goodspot
“Chris came to my project with total commitment and an attitude that made it easy to work together creatively. He does enormous work internally. In his own quiet way, he sees what he wants, then pushes until he’s captured the most striking and emotional images possible.”
Laurie Wolfe – former Director of Broadcast Production, Eric Mower & Associates
“Chris is always highly organized and prepared – and this means a lot when doing a shoot. Saves time, money and provides better than expected results.”
Paul Marko – Download Design